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2020 Virtual Pilgrim Run

Thanksgiving Day Live Stream!

We are really going to miss seeing everyone in Hyde Park this Thanksgiving Day. But we still can be together in spirit and online, watching our live stream on Facebook! It will start at race time, 9:00 a.m., and we have some fun planned for you. 

Missouri Representative Greg Razer is going to be our Emcee, and we'll have a warm up routine from Nick Pigg at PR Project, a running coach who handcrafts running plans for all paces. 

Greg Razer 2020 Pilgrim Run Emcee.jpg

Greg Razer, Missouri Representative District 25

Nick Pigg Certified Running Coach Pilgri

Nick Pigg, Certified Running Coach, PR Project

Do you need to be registered for the run to tune into the live stream? Nope!


Just head over to Facebook and watch us at @pilgrimrunkc. Tune in for a ten-year anniversary celebration! We'll share your finish photos and the best times submitted so far, and we'll award prizes for some of our favorite submissions. You won't want to miss it!

Click here to visit us on Facebook!

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