Pilgrim Chapel

Coronavirus Precautions at

In order to comply with Center for Disease Control's recommendations for lowering the risk of transmitting the coronavirus indoors, during the pandemic, we ask that any individual who is feeling ill, has a cough or fever, or has tested positive for the Coronavirus less than 14 days prior, NOT ATTEND any event at the Pilgrim Chapel. In addition, all surfaces at the Pilgrim Chapel will be sanitized between each rental/event, and masks will be required if individuals cannot maintain at least six feet of distance from each other. Those renting the facility will be responsible for enforcing the use of masks among their family and other guests. 

If you are using Vern Barnett, the Pilgrim Chapel officiant, masks are required to be worn by all individuals in the chapel, except for the couple during the ceremony. This is the policy of our officiant. If you are using your own officiant, please consult them, as their requirements may differ. Please visit here for more information about Vern Barnett's coronavirus precautions.  

The focus of a wedding, and wedding planning, should be the expression of your love and commitment. This is such a happy thing, and we always feel so wonderfully privileged to be a part of the celebration.