“One of the great spiritual uses of a labyrinth is to compress the journey of pilgrimage into a local space, so that you may wonder, may know that in order to get to your destination, you must turn away from it, become lost, spin about, and then only after the way has become overwhelming and absorbing, arrive, without having gone far.”  – Rebecca Solnit

The new Labyrinth & Butterfly Garden is a community gift organized by Pilgrim Center, and is located in the historic Hyde Park, near 37th and Gillham Road in Kansas City, Missouri.

Many hands made this project come to life, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the generous financial support of The Mader Foundation, The Uryasz Family Fund, and The Home Depot Foundation, and through our partnership with the KC Parks department. (See a full list of donors and partners HERE.)

If you would like to help sustain the Labyrinth & Butterfly Garden, please CLICK HERE to contribute online. Or if you would like to volunteer on this project, please CLICK HERE.

Take a minute to read the story and review details for the Labyrinth & Butterfly Garden below.